So Monday came and I was told I couldn’t eat or drink anything all day. I was pissed and mean. You can’t imagine the horror of telling a pregnant woman no food or drink. Finally 2:00 rolled around and we were off to the hospital. It was the oddest feeling knowing we were leaving with out a baby but would be back with one. So the nurse lady came in and said since we were having a C section they needed to shave me. Don’t worry I had already done that. WRONG. Next thing I knew this mean lady was going after me with a bic and nothing else no shaving cream or water or anything. Wow talk about making me more miserable. Then she came in to give me an IV and I’m pretty sure the IV was the worst pain of the whole thing. So family starts to trickle in and they are all wishing me well and the nurse walks in and says okay we are going to get your baby. So I start walking down that hall..WAIT…the doctor isn’t here yet turn around. So I go back to the room and sit for a few minutes and then its back down the hall. So they take me in a room put me on a bed and roll me over. The anastheologist says I will feel something like a bee sting in my back. I don’t even think it hurt that bad. Next thing I know the doctor says we’ve already started and I’m amazed it didn’t even take a half second for me to be numb from my neck down. My husband made some interesting faces and the next thing I knew the doctor said you will feel a little pressure. It felt like someone was kinda pulling on my chest and all the sudden I heard a scream. Now normally I’m not one of those emotional people but the whole time all I could think was if he cries right away that means he’s healthy. So he started crying and I’m embarrassed to admit I started crying. Yes I cried. I couldn’t believe it after only about 2 minutes if that long I had a baby. The next thing I knew he was being whisked over to a table and wiped and touched and booger sucked. Then they handed him to my husband and he brought him over and showed him to me and I’ll be dammed he was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my whole entire life. I knew immediately he was someone special. My husband and Brandon went with the nurse for a bath and I stayed behind to get sown up. After he was bathed and I could move my big toe and legs the nurses brought Brandon to meet me. They pulled down my shirt to see if he would start breast feeding. So he got close to me and I said something to him and as soon as he heard me speak his little mouth started sucking on the air. My baby was born to breast feed. It was awesome. That was the only other thing I was worried about. A few hours passed and I was moved to my room where they brought him in and actually let me hold him. Then a bagillion people showed up and I became a proud mom. Yes I was a little high and don’t remember it all but I was a proud mom.

One thought on “CHAPTER 18 THE BIRTH

  1. He was such a beautiful baby and you such a stylish mom. You look GREAT after having a baby. All women should be so lucky!


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