This is our little family. The first few days in the hospital were a little crazy. We had no idea what we were doing. Our son got circumsized and he handled it very well. My son never left our site and he was doing so good at breast feeding. He started sleeping in bed with me right away and I didn’t mind in fact that is right where he belonged. Nurses actuallly came in our room because they heard there was such a cute baby. Yeah we knew. He is beautiful. He is very special. You could tell immediatly that he was Asian and he looked just like his dad. The most funny part of the whole thing is he actually came out bald on top like I dreamed he would be. Anyway we had our son and it was amazing. I was sitting in bed on day and looked over at Rob and said I just wanted to let you know I love him more then the cat. It was TRUE I loved this baby more then anything in the whole world. In 10 seconds he became my world. I already worried and protected and thought about him every second of the day.

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