Since I had a C section I couldn’t get out of bed for a day in a half. That meant my husband got to witness the first bath and change the first diaper. The greatest thing was that my husband was in love with our son to the point where he actually enjoyed changing diapers. In fact for the first 3 months every time my son had a dirty diaper my husband would jump up and do it or ask if I needed help. He was a perfect dad from the start. Rob was so gentle and caring it was so cute and a little bit funny. He was affraid of everything. Rob worried that everything would hurt the baby or that Brandon might break in half. Rob was also the first one that Brandon fell asleep on and the first one to rock him in a chair. One of the cutest things Brandon did right fromt he start was get the hiccups. We wer so thrilled because he had had the hiccups every day while I was pregnant. Rob immediatly got out the camera and I think we have about 15 mintues of Brandons first hiccups. We also have his first hospital bath on tape and the nurse made him a little mowhawk which I loved since I had wanted to give him one since I found out I was having a boy. I save his first outfit. It was a little white sleeping gown the snapped up with little dark blue rocking horses on it. I had to keep the mittens closed on it because I wasn’t ready to cut his little nails yet. I did do it before I left the hospital though. I did get one first though. Twice in one day actually I was the first one to get peed on. Yup that was my first.

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