So there you have it. The story of how I came to be a mom. Now I can go back to telling the hilarious stories of actually being a mom. My son and I have some of the best times. He is so creative and hilarious and unique. His birthday is in about two weeks and I can’t believe that my little boy is almost one. This week he learned to clap, say dada (he’s been saying mom for a while) and he learned to take of his diaper, pee on the floor and play with it all before I have a chance to react. He can climb up the kitchen chairs onto the kitchen table and throw everything including a full bag of chips on the floor in the time it takes me to walk to the fridge for some water. He can pull every potato out of the bag and hide them before I even notice he’s in the pantry. He knows how to run away and hide when I catch him being a stinker and he plays peek a boo. He pulls the phone off the hook when it rings and he pulls the papers out of the printer, fax and copy machine before they are even done. He knows where we keep the cereal at work and can open the cabinet and pull out his favorite box and help himself to some apple jacks. My son is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. He keeps me alive. This month he started waking up and giving me and Rob kisses good morning. I have no idea where he learned to kiss but it melts my heart. Now he kisses little girls, big girls, mommy, dad, grandma, walls, stuffed animals and of course that handsom baby in the mirror. He has also learned to kiss with his mouth open and the other day he even threw in a lick. Brandon loves to dance. He is hilarious. He is a great dancer too and has way better rythem then his mommy does. Oh and by the way my son is a total mommas boy. I don’t mind it one bit. I love that I’m his favorite person in the world. Okay well that is enough for tonight. I’m going to go to bed and cuddle with my little man. Oh yes you will notice my blog page is monkey theme. That is because that is my nickname for my son. He climbs everything and is so curious just like a monkey. :(|)

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