Wondering 08.23.06

I look at this picture of my sweet loving inocent trusting son and it makes me wonder. Why are there so few parents anymore that consider raising your kids in a calm, drug and alcohol free home to be such a bad idea. I feel like everywhere I look now I see babies being shouted at or even hit. I see parents drunk out of their minds or hopped up on drugs. The worst part is that I”m made to feel bad because I’m “A PANSEY WUSSY MOM.” WAIT what I’m bad because I want to raise my son safely and respectfuly. Babies don’t understand being yelled at. They don’t understand being hit. All they see is that the person they love most in the world just hurt them. Maybe yelling isn’t physically hurting them but I know mentally it hurts them just as bad. So I’m just not comprehending why it is people want to put me down because I don’t aprrove of screaming at my son. And because I quit drinking to better his life. And because I don’t understand how a mom could still get high with her little baby right there. I look at the picture of my son above and all I think is how can I not give that sweet little boy every chance in the world and love him with every drop of my soul. I’m sorry but if I’m a bad mom for doing whats right for my son then I must be the worst mom in the world.

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