Snuggle Bear 09.21.06

Most mornings now when we walk out to my car my son immediatly tries to get in his wagon. This is extra cute because his wagon has a little door that he can open and climb in and close it behind him then he sits in his little seat like lets go mom. So most mornings we end up going on a little stroll around the neighborhood while he gleefuly rides along in his trusty plastic wagon. Yesterday morning was interesting though because I swear everyone must have been doing laundry at the same moment because my neighborhood smelled of dryer sheets. As I walked along inhaling the slightly sweet slightly suffocating smell I began to imagine that there must be tons of those little snuggle bears running around my neigborhood hiding in yards or under cars. This made me giggle. Maybe they knew that it was a chilly morning and we needed something to help us warm up. Maybe there were just there for my sons enjoyment and he could see them all along. Either way I was pleased with myself that I even took the time to notice the smell and more pleased that I took the time to enjoy it.

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