Fun Quest 09.27.06

Okay So I know that my recent posts have been pretty dismal. Sorry time for some cheer up time. I took my son to Baby land inside of FunQuest which is inside of what used to be the Reno Hilton. I think now it is some uber resort called The Grand Summit Resort. Anyway this was the best idea I’ve ever had. It only cost five dollars and it was hours of fun. My cousin and I took our kids. Let me tell you a little bit about this monster. It starts on the floor and goes up about three flights. To get up you climb through tubes or up foam stairs. This leads into the big ball pit. Brandon hated the big ball kit but was delighted by the baby one that came later. With each level you go up you encounter such things as a rope bridge or a tunnel or some sort of obstical. Brandon had such a great time. Unfortunatly my cousin and I are a lot older and we had bruised knees the next day. When you make it to the top of this monster place their is a giant learning room with a child car wash that they tumble through and have a great time. Then you get to the bounce house and I think Brandon bounced himself silly. At one point he bounced right into his cousin. FInally if you are lucky enough to find the secret hidden giant whirly slide that leads to the bottem then you can come out. We had to ask some one how to get out. Brandon was sad though and tried to climb back up. After this room there was a little gym with small slides and the baby ball pit. However there was one thing there that caught Brandon’s eye and I couldn’t drag him away. That is right. The drinking fountain. Holy cow was this kid happy. He followed every little kid that went there just trying to get a chance to play with the magic fountain water. Finally the night had to come to an end. We went to Round table for some pizza and then right across the hall from there was an ice cream shop. Do you think we stopped? Anyway for only $5.00 I say this was good family fun and totally worth every second of it. It was also an amazing work out for mom. I can’t wait to go back.

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