F@&K and other fun words 10.01.06

I’ve recently started working out at the gym. When I say recently I mean this is my 4th time to go. Let me clarify this. This is the 4th time this month but the first time in 5 freaking years. Whoah dude. Anyway what prompted my lovely title up there was the fact that I just got home from the gym. I stopped first at Starbucks and got a Venti Sugar Free Vanilla Latte (that is far less words then it used to be) Anyway I feel so relaxed. Normally I am a big cusser. Oddly enough the longest I’ve gone with out cussing was during my pregnancy. In fact I started a cuss jar and made a lot of money off the people I work with. Interestingly enough ass soon as the baby came out it was like I couldn’t get the “F” word out fast enough. That is the worst part also. I don’t just like to cuss I LOVE the “F” word. I use it when I”m mad, sad, happy, giggly, hungry, tired, bored, and just sitting around. I guess you could say that all other words are just fillers for the space between my next “F” bomb. For futhe longest time I thought for sure it would be my sons first word. It wasn’t it was maaama followed closely by uh oh buguio (translated uh oh spagettios.) Anyway I got home from the gym and I feel so good and so relaxed. I don’t even feel like throwing out a calm “F” word or anything. So I ponder. If I keep up this gym stuff is it possible I may become more relaxed and less of a potty mouth and even less of potty fingers (thats right I love to type my cuss words too.) I think the truest test will be when I go to work tomorrow. That is when I really get going. Boy do people have a knack for making me furios at work. I’ve tried to start saying Farking. As in “It’s farking hot out here.” Only problem. I get laughed at a lot. Anyway this was a pointless blog. I guess for the most part I just came home feeling very clean and peaceful and thought I would share. I think I might shower now and then I think I might write some more. I’m thinking of my next confessional but I don’t want to give you too much to fast or you might start trying to figure out how to commit someone you only know through their blog. Luckily I’m feeling relaxed and peaceful right now so the anger isn’t there to write about. We’ll see what happens tonight though thats when I get the most cranky. Alirght well off to shower you all have a great farkin day now. Ha ha sorry.

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