Feeling ho hum

5 Years ago my husbands friends came in from California. We all went to a club and he told me that night that his friends had said I had a Phat ass. Later I found out that another one of his friends thought I was pretty cute also. I was so impressed. It felt good that I was looked at even though I was with him. So the years pass and I guess I got lazy and the next thing I new I no longer heard that I looked good anymore. I know its my fault I put on weight but at the same time I feel like I married a person who didn’t mind watching me be lazy. I always imagined I would get married and we would go hiking together or on long walks at night. I also thought I would marry someone who liked to eat healthy. But I didn’t and I guess its my own problem that I adopted his habits. So I joined a gym. I am trying hard to do good at going but its hard. I haven’t worked out in five years so its a little bit difficult to get back in the swing of things. I want to do it though. What brought this all on. Well Rob is having his five year reunion this weekend. All the sudden I franticly started looking for something to wear. Everything I tried on tried on got a simple thats ok or it looks fine. I am craving a Whoah that looks great or a Can I tear your clothes of and throw you on the bed. I hope I can hurry up and lose the weight and be dilligant at going to the gym. Wish me luck. I’m tired of feeling bad about myself because of how I look. I know I am still pretty and I have a great smile but I want my Phat ass back.

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