The end of the world

So, If you know me at all you know I love sweets. I have a major love affair with chocolate. I would probably cut of my arm if it would get me chcoolate, hell I would even eat my right arm if it was made of chocolate. I digress. This year I discovered that I have an intolerance to wheat. It was devistating. Next to chocolate bread is my other favorite food closely followed by pasta. On top of this I’ve been trying to lose weight so I haven’t been eating as many sweats as I used to. Don’t get me wrong I still make sure I have some chocolate every day but it is still less. Again back to the point. I have been a little fussy over the whole no wheat thing. In fact I’ve recently been cheating and having some bread here and there and just dealing with the pain. However my husband didn’t really udnerstand how hard it was to make a change like that for life. So I made him a deal. I will give up sweets for a month if you give up alcohol for a month. HA YA RIGHT 😆 I often wonder if there is any blood in the beer that runs through my husbands veins. His response was ya I can do it no problem. “Just not this month because my friends are coming to town, and not next month because it is the rib cook off and not the month after that because its my reunion and then after Christmas and New Years maybe then I would do it.” Okay so that wasn’t a real Yes I will do it. Yesterday was his highschool reunion. We had to go to California for it. Today we had to drive home and we always have long talks on the way home. Our converstaion turned to marriage and things like that and how I felt like I was having a midlife crisis. I guess I am just pretty unhappy with some aspects of my life. Nothing to do with him or my son more like things to do with work and such. Anyway we were talking about us and my weight and I said you know I need to give up sweets. And then I asked, “Babe, can we do the deal now, no alcohol or sweets for a month?” He said yes…What, wait, shit now what do I do. I expected him to say something about my birthday or Halloween or maybe that he for sure had to drink on Nevada day because being from California he needed to show Nevada that he liked our state to. But no he has to go and agree with me. So now is the end of the world. We made the deal. no sweets or alcohol for a month. There is no prize or punishment, the reward is that we know we did a good job. Anywho if my blogs get a little nasty for the next month know that I am pheening for chocoloate. Thank god I still get caffiene or I might form super human powers and start flipping over furniture and mushing things for not getting my way. Wish me luck internet family.

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