Finally a nap

So after all the fun we had today I decided to make us some lunch. This is what I found when I turned around.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE. He passed right out on the kitchen floor with his little tortilla chip still in his hand.

This is actually the second time this week he has done this. I must be getting better at wearing him out.

Helping out

One of Brandons favorite things to do is to do what ever mommy is doing. So lately I noticed that when I did laundry he would run around like a maniac looking for something to put in the washer. Today I got the bright idea to just let him help me. He loved the whole thing. First we took the clothes out of the dryer and put them in the room. Then we took the clothes from the washing machine and put them in the dryer.

Then he helped me move the clothes from the washing machine into the dryer. He is such a hoot. His favorite part is closing the doors.

Funny face

So last night my husband and I took Brandon to the store and all the sudden he started making this hilarious face. It was seriously cracking me up. In fact I’m laughing my ass off looking at the pictures right now. When we got home he kept running around making the face so I had to get the camera out and try and capture the little wierdo. I am trying to keep up with Cheatwoods on getting action shots. She is so good at it and I started to feel like a bad mom for not capturing all the silly things that my little guy does for all of you to laugh at. So here you go enjoy my sons new funny face.

The Turkey

I totally forgot to take pictures of the whole day but I did manage to get a picture of me breaking the turkey neck so it would fit in the pan so I could make some gravy out of it. I got another picture of me trying to make stuffing and you can sort of see the turkey off to the side. Anyway everyone cleaned their plates and went back for seconds. I am pretty sure that is a great sign. Okay well enough rambling I’m going to go raid some left overs. Happy Turkey Day all.

Me and Grandpa

This is me and Grandpa Kirk. He came over to pick me up and mom thought it would be sooooo cute to dress me in a matching outfit. Grandpa thought it was pretty funny too. He loaded me up with some gum and then took me out and about for the day so mom could cook Thanksgiving dinner. I sure do love my Grandpa a lot.

And yes that is old school bubble tape that he is eating. Since the first time my dad gave it to him he is obsessed whether I like it or not.


This is Brandon calling grandma to say hi on Thanksgiving. He got very mad when I tried to take the phone from him so I just let him talk and talk and talk. Anyway I just wanted to show how cute my little dude is.

Time out chair

This is Brandon’s time out chair that great grandma Arrate got for him. Only problem is he doesn’t quite understand time out so he packs it around the house looking for things to climb up and see. This morning he brought this into the living room and climbed up on the couch to poke me and jump on me.

Grannie Panties

So last week my cousin called and told me that the Gap was having an undergarment sale, a really good one. This got me excited as I could use some new panties. We rushed right up at lunch and found that all the underwear’s were on sale for .97. Thats right folks ninety seven cents. Whoah man. I bought somewhere near 17 pairs. At the register I held up this one pair and I asked my cousin and the sales girl if they looked like they would be granny panties. They both replied no way. So I get them home and decide that since I’m a little iffy about them I will make them my one time of the month panties.

This is what I got stuck with, or at least something very similar

Well my time came yesterday so I pull out my new period panties and put one leg in and put the other leg in and pull them right up to my nose. Okay they didn’t really go that high they really went about two inches above my belly button. WHAT. What on earth do I do with these things? So I come up with the only logical solution. I roll them down. Thats right folks I rolled. So now I’m walking around with my rolled up panties still sticking out of the back of my pants because I’m pretty sure it isn’t possible to roll them down far enough to make normal size panties out of them. I feel like a complete dork here people. Oh but wait it gets better. My pants are too big this morning so I have them rolled up also.

Okay lets recap. My underwear are rolled up my waistband is rolled up, my stomach has rolls…I suck.