The author of this blog is the queen of Awesomeness (Yeah thats a word, shut it)

So onto the lighter side of my weekend. My husband and I decided that this year for the most part we were going to do that thing where we just go shopping for our own stuff and call it Christmas presents. I went Saturday and scored a super fantabulous belt that is reversible in two shades of brown which now means I have a belt that matches 98% of my shoes. HELL YA FOR ME. I also got two super cute T-shirts to go over all of the random color thermals I have collected lately. I got a bunch of other shit but the best part was my new fantastic awesome jeans. You know the only problem with perfect wonderful awesome jeans? I want more delightful wonderful perfect fitting jeans. Now I’m stuck with only one perfect pair of jeans. These pants make my legs look thin, my ass look small and me look fantasmick.

Wow how many more horrible made up adjectives can I put in one blog? This has been a spell check nightmare.

I briefly considered taking a picture of myself but I didn’t want to be all hey look at me in my fabulous jeans that you sooooo don’t have. HA HA suckers. If i did post a picture I would title it “LOOK AT ME IN ALL MY AWESOMENESS! ! ! !”

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