I resolve to just say Fuck it this year this is me you love it or you hate it, (but, please, LOVE IT)

It’s the 28th today. Holy shit! Where did this year go. I feel like ever since I had Brandon the days just fly by and I hate that. New years is around the corner and I don’t know what to do with myself. I have this dumb shit rule that on holidays like New Years I prefer not to go out because someone got it in my head that since there is so much drunk driving about that its not a good idea to have both parents out in the same car in case someone wrecks into us. That means that for the last two years (the first year I was pregnant so I counted as a parent) my husband and I have done nothing. After all I don’t want to let my New Year celebration be the cause of my son losing both his parents because some teeny bopper got drunk and smashed into us. (Oh gosh do I sound old! OLD, capital OLD not just a little OLD but OLD and moldy OLD) We sit at home and pass out before 9:00 and feel like asses in the morning that we didn’t even have a first kiss. Every year I ask Rob if he wants to go out with his friends and he says no because he feels dorky not having anyone to kiss at midnight (a better answer would be “no baby I want to stay home because I love you and the night wouldn’t be the same with out you” HA, never happen!) So this new years we you will again be able to find me at home in my bed or perhaps rebelling a little and playing an action packed game of yahoo Gin. Go GIN Buddies!

New Years has also brought upon the whole resolution crap talk. Like anyone ever follows their resolutions. One year I resolved to learn to knit or crochet (thats right I don’t know the difference, I wanted to do the one with the little hooky thing and not the chopsticks). I got as far as making a big long rope that pretty much fell apart and I gave up. I’m sure probably 20 out of the 25 years I’ve been around I resolved to lose 20 pounds. HA, no, really, HA! The only people who will have luck with that gay ass resolution are those smart enough to go get a tummy tuck or their stomachs stapled on December 31st. Ooo yeah I also resolved to be a better friend (or some bullshit like that) only I realized in order to be a better friend I needed to have better friends to be a good friend to so maybe I should have resolved to kick my shit ass friends to the curb (I totally succeeded with that last year GO ME). My husband resolved to quit saying Goddammit but then he realized that I make him say Goddammit to much to ever quite saying Goddammit because apparently something about me makes him so angry sometimes HE JUST HAS TO TAKE THE LORDS NAME IN VAIN. (Dear God please forgive me for just writing Goddammit three no now four times, but hey have you noticed what an effort I’ve been making to write gosh instead of God and that I totally learned to capitalize the “G” out of respect now? Go me!)

Maybe this year I should resolve to be a total bad ass or to be super awesome or something. WAIT! I already am SUPER AWESOME! I guess maybe a more realistic resolution would just be to be healthier for my son and to set a better example. Not to lose weight or diet but just be healthier. I was doing good for quite a while but I think I fell of the healthy wagon and landed in the lake of chocolate and junk food. I could make a resolution to blog daily. But then what if I didn’t, would I be a total fuck up because I was having an off day. Then should I feel guilty all year because I let down the 5 readers I have. I should resolve to cut back on diet soda’s but really, REALLY! now why would I do that? I should resolve to stop writing such crappy ass boring blogs and start putting some oomph into them. YA uh hu cuz my life is so full of oomphy things. I’m just full of excitement here. I won’t even go out on New Years and I am complaining I have nothing interesting to write about.

I’m going to go now. Off to work to sit and think about what a boring humdrum New Years I’ll be having while all my friends are out being drunk assholes. Oh how I miss being a drunk asshole. Except, NOT REALLY!

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