I think I figured it out

I was reading Oprahs magazine tonight and it was talking about how in order to change your eating habits and exercise habits you have to reprogram your brain to think it is getting a reward. And it has to be a good reward and one that is daily. So I figured it out. Every time I go work out I get to read my friends blogs. I have become pretty addicted to blogs so that is why it will give me a total dopamine rush to come home from working out and read my blogs. However I still get to post blogs because I need the release. So what I come up with for that is that every time I’m good with my eating for an hour I’m allowed to blog. So if I eat chocolate and then I want to post for the next hour even if I am dying to do it. This means if you don’t hear anything from me for a few days its because I’m super sucking at being healthy like I wanted. I still think I will start the exercise part next Tuesday. So wish me luck. See ya.

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