How to be a genius

So like I mentioned before an old friend of mine Jenny got in contact with me. During one of our messages she brought up “THE DOORSTEP INCIDENT” HA! I started laughing so hard and decided I would share this with the world so you could all see what a jackass I was when I was friends with Shanna.

It was sophomore year. I only know this because I was driving my ford when Shanna and I went to start shit. I was grounded (no clue why but it had to be bad because I only got grounded maybe two times) so I was supposed to leave school and head directly to work. On the way out of the parking lot Jen pulled in front of me and flipped me off. Now! there was no reason for this because Jen and I had not a single problem with each other besides the fact that Shanna HATED! no wait DESPISED!! her because Jen was dating Shannas ex from like 25 years earlier. (side note:Shanna claimed all men as hers, if she dated them you did not ever look or talk to them. If she did not date them you still did not look or talk to them in case she felt like dating them) So I guess I was hated by association. Okay truth I’m sure there might have been some Shanna induced shit talking towards Jen but still I really had no reason not to like her.

Back to the point. I see her middle finger come out of her sunroof (I think, that may not be right could have been drivers window) and I’m furious for no reason other then I feel like stirring up shit. So I drive to Shannas grab her and tell her what just happened. BRILLIANT right? Ya I mean I was in high school so why not go looking for a reason to stir up shit. Shanna freaks out and decides she wants to go to Jens house. OK YAY lets load up and drive to someones house and yell at them. Again! Brilliant. We were fucking geniuses. We show up on her doorstep and her mom answers the door. YES I can definitely see how we thought this through. We ask to see Jen and the next thing I know Shanna is screaming at her and I’m throwing in a few YA’s and nasty looks. The whole time we are doing this her mom is right there. Towards the end I begin to ask myself what the fuck we were doing screaming at this girl in front of her parents. You know that part in the Movie breakfast club where the Jock says he beat up the guy and his dad was so proud and then he thought about how that guy felt having to go home and and tell his dad he had just been beaten up? That is how I started feeling. All the sudden I was like wow how must this look to Jens mom now. Genius? NO! Jerks were more like it. After that I made a pretty big effort to just generally avoid Jen that way I didn’t have to confront the situation. I remember running into her a few years later at the farmers market and she was really nice to me and I was thinking to myself what on earth could this girl have ever done to deserve that. Luckily in high school a few years later Jen and I made up and even went to a prom together with all our friends and had a great time.

So there you go. The famous doorstep incident which sounds so much more to me like the famous dumb ass incident. Ha! I think I could come up with a whole book of dumb shit stuff Shanna talked me into doing. On the flip side Jen do you remember that prom? The one where Nicole and Alla got all mad at each other because Alli had “been” with Scott, Nicoles date? Member we had to go because we weren’t part of the SIX PACK. Sooooo don’t miss high school.

One thought on “How to be a genius

  1. Ok… I just HAD to comment on this one because I want you to know what ACTUALLY happened. I NEVER at any time EVER flipped you off. At that time I was not even old enough to drive. My MOM picked me up from school pretty much every day because the one time I tried walking home people threw trash at me out of their car windows (very mature people- thank you for making my freshman year HELL.) Anywhoo- one time when she picked me up you and Shanna were driving by in your truck. Shanna or you (don\’t know which) SCREAMED out the window: BITCH!! at me. My mom of course heard because she was the one driving. SOooo: The day of the \”doorstep incident\” my mom picked me up from school and she saw your truck and recognized you. SHE FLIPPED YOU OFF! She was also screaming \”I REMEMBER YOU U LITTLE BITCH!! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?\” I was of course mortified and REALLY hoped that you couldn\’t hear her as I OBVIOUSLY did not want to start shit with you and Shanna as (I am sorry to say) you two were someone notorious.So: You know the rest. But I just wanted to set the record strait. I never wanted to start shit and it was MY MOTHER\’S motherly instinct that took over that day and \”forced\” her to flip you off.. In any case, I think the whole thing is pretty damn hilarious now! XXOOJen


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