You know your sick when

You are walking around your house with a tissue half stuffed up one side of your nose and half dangling out because its running so much. I toyed with the idea of giving ya’ll a picture…but I would lost all credibility if I did that. So, for now you just get to make your own visual of how silly I look with my tissue dangling from my nose.

2 thoughts on “You know your sick when

  1. hey i can appreciate that silly picture…because it was only three weeks ago that I was walking around just like that…even sleeping with a tissue shoved up one side of my nose.


  2. Damn girl you were up early this morning. I would have loved to seen a picture of that. I feel the same way. My nose is a damn faucet and my tummy doesn\’t like me at all. I think it is going to be a half day for me.


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