I don’t like 3:40 AM. I hate seeing this time on the clock. I don’t understand why my son has decided to start waking up this early but my eyes and my head aren’t very impressed. How on earth do I get this kid to go back to sleeping until 430 or 5:00 AM?

2 thoughts on “3:40AM

  1. A couple of months ago we had a SERIOUS sleeping issue with Little Man, we were rocking with him before bed, not rocking him to sleep, but just singing a few songs and then I am HUGE believer in putting them down awake so that is what we would do. Well, he would wake up several times a night wanting to rock and sing. So we took the rocker out of his room. He still asks for it, last week he asked for it every night.But if he is waking and wanting something like that you just have to for go it at bedtime and see how that works. Plus, I know you know this, but if you keep going in there he\’ll keep waking up and expecting it. It took two weeks of letting Little Man cry when he woke and wanted to rock to get over it.Good luck! Its hard when they have slept so good for so long to start something like that.Is he still in a crib? I only ask because Little Man is and he is over 2 and people think I am nuts but he likes it and we have asked him and even showed him big-boy beds and he wants nothing to do with them.


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