Things to do with your grandmas yarn

My grandma use to knit….or crochet, or, which ever one uses that little hook thingy and not the chopsticks…Okay looked it up, she would crochet. Anyway, grams could crochet you ANYTHING.. She made me baby clothes, she even made my baby dolls clothes and once she made me a doll that was crochet and stuffed with cotton balls and dressed in clothes that grams had cut out of her old clothes. She could also make those doily things really well. When I was small I could actually crochet scarves and stuff. Since then, after grams died I tried again and came out with a long string that looked like a dog got a hold of it. Back to the point. At grams house there was always yarn laying around, and two kids who just HAD to play with it. My little cousin Russ and I. So with out further ado I bring you…


1. Wrestling ring- Tie yarn to 4 corners. This becomes wrestling ring. Throw small cousin into ring and proceed to kick his ass totally like the Hulk and Macho Man Randy Savage….he was always dorky Bam Bam Bigelo, whatever.
2. Boobie Trap- Since we were small and Home Alone had just come out in the theater we were hell bent on saving grandmas house like Makali. So we would take the yarn and tie it to the TV, then over to the chair, then to the table, then back to the TV, then to the candy dish, then to the stairs, the kitchen table, the couch and so on. Thus making it impossible for ANYONE to get through the house with out breaking a hip.
3. Fish- We would go to the top of her stairs and tie yarn to the banister, then one of us would go downstairs and pretend to be a fish and tie stuff to the others pole so they could reel in the big one….NO WE WERE NOT NERDY YOUR A NERD SO SHUT UP.
4. Tie down your cousin when he is bad- This one is self explanatory.

One thought on “Things to do with your grandmas yarn

  1. I am not much of a crochet person, but I love to knit!My daughter is slowly discovering the joys of finding yarn around the place!I gave her some yucky stuff I was not fond of and she made spider webs! I was impressed. Your list sounds like a lot of fun too!


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