So, I was speaking with a new friend. Somehow we got on the subject of how she won’t eat anything creamy. In fact it is a phobia causing her to cry and even vomit. I double checked this with a mutual friend and yes in fact it is true. This girl lives her life with out the following foods

Cream cheese
Cream sauces
Whipped cream
Creamy soups
Ranch dressing
and so on

We got to chatting and I started thinking about a few of my quirks.

1. I hate the smell of eggs. I used to love eggs, all runny and gooey with my toast dipped in em. Then one day I opened the dishwasher and smelled egg and nearly barfed then and there. Here comes the quirk. Now, I smell every dish before I use it. I do not generally drink out of cups from restaurants because they all smell like egg, if I’m dead thirsty I will drink something not water and only out of a straw. IF I pull a bowl out of the cabinet and smell egg on it, I will then smell all the bowls. If any smell like egg, back in the sink they go. If my food taste eggy I won’t eat it. I scrape the top off french toast, I don’t eat chilli relanos cuz its in egg. Egg drop soup NO. Egg in my fried rice HELL NO. Now, once a year, I will eat egg salad, hidden in bread and only if the eggs are so over cooked they appear green. AND only after I have scraped out that weird jelly thing in the middle of the yolk.

2. I can’t stand kissing after someone has spit. It way grosses me out. I am offended and yell at my husband often for this.

3. I am petrified of the bugs that live in carpet. Terrified. So much so that I will only sit on my carpet maybe once a year and that is Christmas morning. I don’t even like new carpet or just washed carpet or carpet still wrapped in plastic. No.

4. I hate the word shut up. It makes me so angry!

5. I do not eat any cereal. Not since I found out it contains bug pieces and bug eggs.

5 thoughts on “Oddities

  1. SHUT UP about the cereal 🙂 (Sorry – couldn\’t resist). Are you being for serious? I eat cereal EVERYDAY. Sometimes twice a day.My strange quirks are with food. Since I am a vegetarian, I wont eat take out pizza just in case the knife they cut mine with was used to cut a meat pizza. There would be meat juice transfer on my pizza. ICK!Oddly enough, I love leather.


  2. Ha, I love that I was the one that told you the bug parts in the cereal fact, although I truthfully thought that you would have gotten over it by now…I still eat cereal even though I know it. Anyways, I do the smell your dishes & cups thing as well beacuse that eggy smell on dishes grosses me out to no end…


  3. I still don\’t understand how you can eat chocolate knowing there are just as many bug leggs in a piece of chocolate as there are in a bowl of cereal!Lisa


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