Uh Oh

Pretty sure I spoke to soon. You want to know a terrible feeling. Sitting on the couch swallowing back the afternoon sickness brewing in your belly. I was so sure this was a girl since I wasn’t sick. Now I’m sitting here and I just know I will vomit by the end of the night. I shouldn’t have opened my big mouth and said I was doing well. I shouldn’t have said I knew it was a girl. It must be a boy since I’m sick. Phooey on morning sickness!

5 thoughts on “Uh Oh

  1. 😦 Bummer dude. Morning sickness is no fun. I hope for your sake that it\’s just the \”feeling\” of pukiness and you don\’t actually have to deal with the dreaded vomitus.


  2. I hope that you didn\’t end up getting sick last night and that you are feeling ok this morning. Maybe it wasn\’t \”morning sickness\” and just from something that you ate that you shouldn\’t have?? I don\’t know. Sorry man. I am here if you need anything.


  3. Both of my pregnancies were identical. we didnt find out what we were having with the second and I swore that when that kid came out they were going to say it was a boy. We really were surprised. So you never know.


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