Stupid stupid stupid little girl

Here is the exchange that took place between my hubby and I last night:

Hubby: So what bothered you so much about seeing your ex at that last game
Shannon: He winked at me
Hubby: So
Shannon: Soooo, he knows that winking is special to me we used to wink in public to say I love you
Shannon: shit
**Enter stage left Giant fan, enter stage right Big pile of shit…begin scene titled SHIT HITTING THE FAN

Hubby: Soooo, the thing we do in public to say I love you is the thing you used to do with another guy
Shannon: Ummmmmm
Hubby: Wow
Shannon: Ummmm Well I forgot we did that until I saw him again
Hubby: Bullshit shannon you remember what color the first pair of underwear you owned where, you didn’t forget
Shannon: Shit
Hubby: This is funny, you know we aren’t doing that anymore right
Shannon: But…why, its sweet
Hubby: Oh okay dear, I used to totally bring rocks to all my ex girlfriends, hope you don’t mind that I do it with you now
Shannon: Ummm I wouldn’t care
Hubby: Bullshit you would throw all the rocks I brought you away and you know it
Shannon: So if I wink at you now what are you going to do
Hubby: Ask if you need some eye drops
Shannon: Gee, thats not nice
Hubby: Whatever, you sooo don’t get to make me feel bad for this
Shannon: But, I forgot
Hubby: Liar
Shannon: I know
Hubby: This is one of the most awesome moments for me, I love when you fuck up
Shannon: Yeah, this was one of those times I was supposed to think before I speak

I’m stupid!

4 thoughts on “Stupid stupid stupid little girl

  1. Tsk Tsk!! Ugh- I was actually on the OTHER end of this one time. I was cleaning out our basement and under like a million piles of crap I found Erick\’s ex-wife\’s \”Wedding Scrapbook\”. In it was the story of how they met, their engagement, and all this other stupid crap that I SHOULD NOT have been reading… In any case, there was a card in there from Erick to Tanya and in it he said something to her that he and I said to each other all the time. I got SOO MAD!! I yelled at him and he said that he HONESTLY didn\’t remember EVER saying that to her, in a card or otherwise… and I actually believe him. He then burned the wedding scrapbook so that there is no more evidence for me to get mad about for no reason.


  2. Oooops! I dont know if it will make you feel better but my husband still knows all of his exes personal info/ssn/due date of their daughter and I have to repeat this info to him about me and our kids. At least Rob didnt freak out about some other guy still being in love with you. I hope it blows over for you and you can return to your cute winking!


  3. you and rob have the cutest little things between you. I love the rock story and the winking…even if it\’s something you did with the other guy haha. Definitely remember to think before we speak silly cousin!!


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