Amy got out easy

I read this post by Amy. I laughed at her. Then today, I got a chance to go to Walmart toddler free. This meant I could put stuff in my cart with out having it thrown back at me. Here is my list:
2 Loaves bread
Changing table pad and cover

Here is what I left with.
5 pack onsies
4 pairs baby shorts
Bathing suit
Bathing suit skirt
Bathing suit shorts
Crib sheet
String Cheese
Bean dip
Shoe laces
A toddler recliner chair
6 bags coffee (raspberry, chocolate, kaluah)
Coffee creamer
No changing table pad or cover
Baby wipes
Sippy cups
Total $250.00

Because Walmart didn’t have a changing table cover I had to go to Babies R Us. All I wanted was a pad and two covers. THATS IT! I left with:
1 Changing pad
2 covers
Bath measuring scoop cups
Bath finger paint/bubble bath
Baby face lotion
Giants outfit
Tiny sandals
Snack cups
5 containers of Gerber finger snack thingies
Training tooth brush and toothpaste
Floor cover for under high chair
Total $125.00

Amy I win….I got screwed!

3 thoughts on “Amy got out easy

  1. Completely of the subject of your blog but do you realize that they put an ad for adult diapers on you page..Ha, you haven\’t even talked about peeing in your pants!


  2. Oh, I read Amy\’s post and totally related. EVERY! SINGLE! TIME! I go to fucking Walmart I rack up a credit card bill on stuff I never intended to buy that day in the first place.


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