That did not just happen and when will I learn

When will I learn not to let Brandon run around before a shower with out his diaper.

First he was standing by the front door looking outside and he pooped twice

then he ran to me and he pooped once,

sooooo being a genius I picked him up and tried to run him outside and he pooped midrun,

WHICH! I stepped in, causing poop to squish out the top of my toes.

6 thoughts on “That did not just happen and when will I learn

  1. Should I start posting pictures about my dog pooping everywhere just so I have an excuse to disgust everyone else with poop pictures? After all she is my baby!


  2. Sick! I don\’t want you to think that I am one of those people who can\’t handle kid poop/boogers and general slime that comes along with kids cuz I am a pro, I can even handle barf. HOWEVER, I think you need to post a disclaimer before your poo pics… I went from looking at pics of your sleeping baby to poop, seriously! haha.


  3. That is nasty….you are not the only one though. Mine went after the bath in my bedroom and then shut the door so that I wouldnt find it until later. Good job mom!


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