Giggle award winner

Well since none of you shit heads submitted anything for the giggle awards, I took it upon myself to find stuff that made me laugh. At first, I read this, and I thought it might win.


I read this. And I’m still laughing. This shit cracks me up! Go Jen. You totally made my day. It is so wonderful to have people admit that shit isn’t always wine and roses. THANK YOU JEN I LOVE YOU FOR MAKING IT SO I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE!

2 thoughts on “Giggle award winner

  1. Ahahahaa!! I still laugh about that Play Station incident! I honestly don\’t know what came over me… It is SO HARD for me to picture any other ADORABLE pregnant woman flying off the handle the way I did… but I guess it really does happen! My eyes STILL HURT from all that sobbing! (Sigh)! LOL.


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