return of the granny panties

Jen and I were talking the other day about buying underwear when we were pregnant. I advised her to never buy maternity undies. They are the most poorly designed things ever. I told her just to get some nice cotton undies, thong or regular as long as they were soft and sort of stretchy. I told her I loved a lot of the stuff at Gap Body. Later the next day I was picking out my days undies and I found my favorite plain old low cut cotton stretchy briefs with little flowers on them and a cute pink rim. I couldn’t put them on fast enough. Then I remembered that I got these at the Gap Body sale. Now, when this store has a sale the best part is that everything is ridiculous cheap. Meaning I got undies ranging from .37 to .97 and bras for 1.97 at the most. Then I remembered that since it was a sale the selection was small, meaning I was only able to find one pair of the worlds softest panties. Now, this morning I go to my underwear drawer and I see no soft cotton panties and I’m sad. Really sad. I had to settle for something that is already giving me a wedgie and its only 9. Would it be wrong of me to just wash the same pair of undies every night for comfort sake or should I go on an underwear mission, only to find the perfect panties and discover they are going to cost me the equivalent of my first born and second born and my left toes?

3 thoughts on “return of the granny panties

  1. Ok, I gotta ask. You said today you were picking out your day undies. Do you really have day and nightime underwear?I have never been able to master wearing a thong. They always feel wedgie like in my ass crack. I wore all of my regular panties when I was pregnant but now that the weight is gone, they are all stretched to shit so I had to go and buy all new underwear.


  2. American Eagle boycutt underwear is the only thing keeping my expanding pregnant butt comfortable. Wedgie free. And no, I\’d wash the same pair every night too. Or just buy 5 of the same pair.Oh and I\’m only slightly a random stranger, I\’m on the P&P blog with you.


  3. When my boobs first started expanding I bought all new bras, and all new underwear to match. Well, the only underwear that turned out to be comfortable and have nice, reliable, FULL coverage is this soft, lacy, boy cut underwear from Target. I bought three more pairs in black this weekend. My ass is so happy right now. I am also wearing maternity PANTS for the first time today and it is the FIRST TIME I have been comfortable in WEEKS! Yay!


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