Why I could never be famous.

Reasons I could never be famous

1. I have never had a DUI

2. I don’t do drugs

3. I’ve never had a DUI

4. I keep my clothes on

5. I’ve never had a DUI

6. I don’t have an eating disorder

7. I have never been to rehab

8. I had kids and I didn’t pawn them of on nannies or mannies

9. I’m still married

10. I have not dated my best friends husband or ex husband

11. I have never let my boyfriend wreck my Mercedes

12. I don’t have 15 leased Mercedes in my driveway that are all blacked out and pimped

13. I don’t have a tan

14. I’ve never had my kids visit me in rehab

and last but not least

15. I’ve never been to rehab and then gotten a DUI while sporting my 90 day sober AA chip and claiming I don’t do coke yet having a usable amount in my car

I guess I can never be famous

4 thoughts on “Why I could never be famous.

  1. Why the hell do famous people have such a hard time being normal? How hard is it to just stay in and eat some fucking ice cream? Anyways, seeing fat famous people would be way cooler than seeing drunk/high famous people.


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