Emery interviewed me

1. What did you want to be when you were a little girl? (should I
already know this??)
What didn’t I want to be when I was little. I wanted to be a physical therapist, a lawyer, a secretary (yes when I was little my cousin and I used to pretend to be secretaries), a superstar, a poet, a mom and so on.

2. What is your favorite scent in the whole wide world?
Ugggg. I love smells. Food smells, perfume smells, the smell of my husband (he never stinks..drives me nuts), the smell of my sons breath, the smell of his lotion, the smell of bacon, the smell before rain and after rain, the smell of Easter morning.

3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Hmmmm. Well if I could drag my family along, (and by family I mean husband, kid, baby, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and cousin, and her daughter) then I would move us all to Hawaii. I loved it there. The smell of the air, the sound of the ocean, the laid back way the city moved. However, I love living right where I am, I’m a Reno native, I could never be that person who just picked up her life and moved it, I need roots, and sunshine to grow.

4. Favorite movie?
I don’t have favorites. I love so many movies and I never remember them until they are on HBO or something. How about what I don’t love, I don’t love scary movies (except the Hannibal series), I don’t like documentaries, I don’t like movies with people dying, and I hate guy movies, i.e. fast cars, motorcycles, THE MATRIX (HATRED), or any other man movie….ie anything with Tom Cruise

5. If you could ask God one question today, what would it be?
Uhhhhhh is my grandma really watching over me? and is that my dad who keeps turning my thermostat on and changing the settings on my washer and what about who keeps turning off the ice maker? also, did my dad really kill himself and why!

6. What is your biggest aspiration in this life?
To be the best mom I can be….To eat a lot of really good food!

So now its your turn, if you want me to interview you let me know send me a comment with your email and I will email your personal and individual questions. You can also email me at wilddreemer@yahoo.com

4 thoughts on “Emery interviewed me

  1. Go for it Shannon, you have interesting questions and I can\’t come up with anything particularly interesting to write about today…


  2. if you can think of any good questions for me too, feel free to interview me because I am b-o-r-e-d 😉


  3. Hey beautiful I don\’t think you look fat! Thanks so much for putting them up though. I want to come over and kiss that belly! Just remember it\’s beautiful!


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