So far so good

On day two of at home bed rest. Bored out of my mind. The bleeding has slowed and darkened which I believe is a good sign. Just gotta keep thinking positive! Thank you all for your well wishes and thank you Jen and Lindsey for the yummy smelling flowers! My cat must have been happy that I was gone at the hospital because upon my return he promptly crapped all over the guest bed and took two of the largest pees I’ve ever seen. He couldn’t just pee on a blanket, he had to pee on a blanket that was on top of a feather bed meaning now I have to take the feather bed to the laundry mat since those machines are big enough to handle it. I am covered in IV tape marks and have a pretty large hole in my hand from where the poorly inserted IV lived. I’m about to venture into the shower to shave so Rob will quit trying to braid my armpit hairs and tickle them when I’m not looking. Again thank you all for the well wishes. I’ll keep you updated on our progress!

3 thoughts on “So far so good

  1. Glad to hear you\’re progressing. As far as the puking goes… I have NOOOOO idea what you might be referring to. Judge away dear friend, judge away.


  2. Wow just read all your posts, luckly i read that you were ok before i read the where you were in hospital, what a tough time your having but does sound like its getting better. My sister is on bed rest at 23week and has been since 19weeks when she fell, so i can understand your bored in bed! Rob sounds like my husband who claims that i took the skin off his legs with my stubble


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