I wish they had some kind of super ultra happy smiley thingy on here. If they did I would use it to tell you that I GET TO FIND OUT THE SEX NEXT THURSDAY!!!! That is almost three weeks early. I get to find out early because they want to do a follow up from Thursdays debacle and the doctor who wants to do the follow up will be able to see the sex better then the radiology tech anyway. I AM SO DAMN EXCITED! However Jen gets to find out the day before me SLUT! J/K Jen I still heart you!

4 thoughts on “SOONER RATHER THEN LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Yay for you!!! That\’s really exciting!!!I wanna find out the sex of our baby toooooooo but unfortunately I think I will have to wait till mid next month but at least I will have a date for the big ultrasound after my next appointment next week. Can\’t wait to hear what you guys are having :))


  2. Ok- But I PROMISE I won\’t post what the baby\’s sex is until AFTER you tell me what yours is so that we can tell each other at the same time… Either that or you just can\’t read my blog for like 24 hours… Tough I know.. 😉


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