What I did on my bed rest vacation

Cristina wrote me today and asked what I have done while I’ve been on bed rest. The following is a list of stuff I’ve done on bed rest.

  • Learned that bed rest is two words…tried hard to stop typing bedrest…already wrote it three times this post
  • Watched copious amounts of Baby Story and Bringing Home Baby…both of these make me cry
  • Watched a ton of What Not to Wear and 10 Years Younger
  • Read blogs..the few of you who posted…side note GOOD JOB Emery for keeping me busy every day last week
  • Ate loooots of food
  • Peed a way lot
  • Read magazines
  • Cooked dinner ONE damn time and made myself bleed again
  • Watched husband play video games….whine that husband can’t find cord to hook up old school Nintendo for me to play.. Pout pout
  • Watched non stop Food Network
  • Laid on every cushion of my couch
  • Myspaced
  • Sidewalk chalked with Brandon for about five minutes before being told to come in
  • Checked mail…on days I remembered to
  • Spent an obscene amount of money online ordering sheets and bedding…husband is going to kill me!
  • Stared at Babies R Us website for hours at a time
  • Looked to no end for perfect diaper bag
  • Emailed Jen about 398059845 times, in an hour
  • Yahoo Messengered
  • Complained I was hot
  • Whined I was cold
  • Clipped my finger nails
  • Promised my mom for the gagillionth time that I was laying down
  • Learned gagillionth is not a word!
  • Wrote this blog

I’m sooooo boring huh?

5 thoughts on “What I did on my bed rest vacation

  1. oh, you poor thing. i really feel for you. i don\’t know what i would do in that position. maybe we need to send you some crafty things to…sewing? scrapbooking? what do you think? keep your head up! you are almost halfway done! some good websites to visit:www.pinkistheneewblog.comwww.ladaddy.blogspot.comwww.lamommy.blogspot.comwww.oldnavy.comwww.myspace.com (great for stalking old high school pals)www.truemomconfessions.com (will make you feel way sane)


  2. I dedicated a blog post to you about a blog game that\’s kinda cute…if you want to try it! Hang in there and just know bed rest is for a great reason!


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