Some randomness

Eating cookies and milk with a small child next to you is next to impossible. Reasons: Once cookie came near my mouth Brandon would drop his cookie and snatch mine in case it was better. He would then dunk his whole hand into the milk to fish out a chocolate chip on the bottom, look at it and throw it back in. Then dunk a cookie and make me bite it and throw the rest in the milk. After that he would take a sip of milk, then make me sip the milk and then dunk his whole hand back in the milk!

I can’t stop eating that Fritos cheese sauce in the can. Its in the can like the bean dip. Its hot as hell but I just keep eating it.

I should join AA that is artichokes anonymous. I’ve had three in the last 10 days. The only upside is they have lots of folic acid!

I really love when Chef Ramsey screams on Hells Kitchen.

I got new sheets this week. They are pretty. They were so pretty I almost made my bed this morning, and I almost made it again at lunch when I went in there, but ehhhh I didn’t.

Pregnancy heart burn is killing me. Tums aren’t helping, Maalox does, but that also makes me want to puke.

I wonder how old I will be before I learn to spell vacuum.

So far all my son will eat this week is spaghettios. Oh wait, he will lick the butter off his bread and he ate one muffin and 6 Cheeto’s.

When my son was asked to show daddy where the baby was, instead of pointing to my belly he pointed to my husbands newly filled up belly and said baby baby.

When asked what that was, pointing to a picture of an ape, Brandon proudly responded PAPA!

However, he can still totally tell you were his pee pee is!

I made the mistake of showing him how you put your thumb over a hose to spray it better…I had to change outfits twice tonight after playing outside while trying to keep him busy so he wouldn’t sleep at 5PM. He chased me down and soaked me beyond belief.

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