Happy anniversary to me

Okay so since its my anniversary (a month ago) I have decided what I want you all to get me. Yeah I know look at me all “oh I’m so rad please give me presents!” But really what I would like is for everyone (all ten of you) who read me, to delurk and let me know your there. That way I’ll know I’m not just talking to myself and my 5 friends who I basically force to read this. So yeah, thanks if you could just do me that little favor and let me know your there that would be great mmmmkay. Plus it will give me new shit to read for the next 5 months while I’m sittin on my couch!

Thanks ya’ll (yeah cuz I turned southern there for a second)

15 thoughts on “Happy anniversary to me

  1. Happy Anniversary :)I am reading your blog every day and I definitely have to start commenting more often again as you are one of the only ones (or actually mostly the only one) commenting in my blog 😉


  2. There are others out there that read your blog and think it\’s amazing!!! I\’m so entertained that I can\’t wait to get to work to see what you\’ve said next!!!!!


  3. Hey Shannon I read your blog too, but I am too cumputer illiterate to figure out how to leave a comment. So if this works…cool…you know I am thinking about you.


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