Apparantly I’m not suited for kids

Or for adults for that matter. Here is what determined my blogs rating…

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

  • shit (20x)
  • ass (10x)
  • fucking (9x)
  • hell (7x)
  • fuck (6x)
  • sex (3x)
  • fucks (2x)
  • breast (1x)

I’m thinking this must have only been the first page because I KNOW I’ve said Fuck wayyyy more then that huh!

I’m such a classy gal eh.

2 thoughts on “Apparantly I’m not suited for kids

  1. I was bullied by Tosh my husband into not putting swear words on the blog as its Billys! Was thinking of writing my own blog so i could fucking swear as much and a bloody often as i like!


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