It’s like a whole new world

I didn’t realize how quickly time changes here in Reno, well, actually everywhere basically. I mean, I’ve only been gone from the real world for three weeks and it felt so different when I ventured back out. The first and biggest surprise was Thursday when I pulled up to Starbucks and I saw THEY HAD A WHOLE NEW DRINK!!!!!!!!!! But wait theres more! They even had new snacks! New packaging even! Can you imagine my surprise when I pulled up to see a brand new Raspberry mocha frapaccino. RASPBERRY PEOPLE! MIXED WITH CHOCOLATE, ONLY MY TWO MOST FAVORITE THINGS EVER!!!!!!! So I pull forward and I notice OMG they now have a raspberry swirl loaf. I nearly peed my pants out of joy. Sitting next to me on my car seat for breakfast was a healthy orange juice, yogurt, carrot sticks and trail mix. This was quickly replaced by a Venti Raspberry Mocha Frapaccino and a thick slice of raspberry loaf. Huh, what was that about yogurt and carrot sticks?

Then I came home for a bit before lunch and I turned on Itunes, and thought I would visit the Itunes store. There was all new music. Apparently new songs come out even when I’m not there to hear them. I frantically composed a list of new summer favorites and updated my Ipod (this is not entirely true, I may have actually emailed said list to husband and told him to do all this for me since he has limewire on his computer and I won’t allow limewire (we don’t download music illegally, huh what who said limewire, huh) to taint my preshus white Mac Book, but his black Mac book can totally be tainted) I put my Ipod in my car and start bepobbing along to my new fantastic beats when I go to Rite Aid to pick up my prescription.

ONLY Rite Aid is now Longs, and the fuckers got rid of that tasty fresh ice cream Rite Aid used to serve. Dammit, I was really looking forward to a nice scoop of ice cream as my mid day snack before I picked up Julia for lunch. So as I wandered Longs I noticed that although they got rid of the ice cream they updated the candy isle. They didn’t have my prescription ready because I was a Rite Aid person and my order didn’t go through over the phone, blah blah so I left the store. However I didn’t leave before purchasing the following very healthy snack:
1 Diet cherry Pepsi
1 Jumbo box Whitmans chocolate sampler (it was 45% off like you would have said no either!)
1 Jumbo box of Hersheys truffles (holy heaven on earth people)
1 Large bag gummy savers (which my son found and ate for breakfast this morning while I was being a good parent and snoozing on the couch)
1 Smores candy bar (because I’m to lazy to make a real Smore)

I did pretty good huh? I guess this is what happens when I’ve been cooped up in the house for too long. Oh yeah, just for the record I ate two truffles, no Whitmans, nearly the whole bag of gummy savers and two sips of the drink. I’m a rebel huh. The rest is in my garage fridge for next time I’m feeling like I need to binge. I’m such an enabler.

Then I picked up Julia for lunch and I swear I didn’t remember Reno being this bright. We went to Jakes Place. This is a local place. We both ate way to many fries (but serious, they are the best fries, they are crunchy and kinda battered or something…lets just say they are like TFO’s (tiny food orgasms). After lunch we figured we needed desert, because really now, I hadn’t had enough desert yet right? So we went to Marble Slab and I’ll be damned if they didn’t have a whole new selection of flavors. Suddenly I was left to come up with whole new flavor combinations, and really there was no way I could try it all in one day so just to be safe I should probably go back there every day this weekend to try all the rest.

After that I stopped at the store and can you believe they now sell Raspberry soft lips. I mean I knew about cherry, and strawberry, and mint and vanilla but RASPBERRY. I crammed two of them in my cart so fast you woulda thought I had just found free chocolate.

I can’t believe all the changes that have taken place this month while I’ve been gone.

For those of you interested here is my new summer play list:
Justin Timberlake Summer Love (because BEST SONG EVER)
Paul McCartney Dance Tonight (husband still laughing at me for LOVVVVING THIS SONG)
Plain White T’s Hey There Delilah (the damn song just grew on me and stuck and now I heart this song)
Fergie Big Girls Don’t Cry (I realllly tried hard to hate this song)
Bone Thugs I tried (because I’m gangsta)
Elliot Yamin Wait for You (because could I get anymore hip after the Paul McCartney?)

Then I have a few classics that I have to Rock
Tiffany I think we’re alone now
The Four Seasons O what a night
Skee Lo I wish I was a little bit taller (because I really do)
Debbie Gibson Lost in your eyes (because you always need one sobfest song right?)
Coolio Gangstas Paradise (because I told you I’m a gangsta)
Counting Crows Mr. Jones

Seriously people, could I be any more fantastic in my choices of music? I bet you all wish you could be cool like me huh? I have so many more jams but these are my current faves. Really though, if you went through my Itunes you would all think I was looney!

8 thoughts on “It’s like a whole new world

  1. I wish I had a brand new car, so far I got this hatch back and everywhere I go in it I get laughed at.I LOVE that song!! hahaFound you through Untangled Knots. I\’ll be back.


  2. i\’m going to starbucks tomorrow for that new frap. i loved every song you had on that list. i played (and bought a couple) that i didn\’t know! we so have the same taste in music.


  3. dude…the whole world HAS changed. …starbucks does rule.I hate the raspberry & chocolate combo though.Speaking of Raspberries: Lucerne Yogurt: Pomegranate Raspberry is a flavor they sell…it\’s great. 🙂


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