Not lost

I’m not lost. I’m composing some thoughts. Trying to regain some composure. In the meantime I leave you with photos of my son the Elmo lover and his new found enjoyment of posing for the camera.

And please, don’t ask about the box of baby wipes. He refuses to let me put them away because they are where he takes his pictures. We tried once to put away his picture box and he cried so hard, we just left it there for him to stand on. If I pull out the camera now he runs to the box, sits on it then points to the floor and tells me to sit down, then points to the chair making me set the camera up there so it can take a picture of us both. So now in order to get a picture of just him I have to come sit next to him but just purposely try and sit out of the shot. Then he rushes to see the picture and then yells for me to SIT DOWN! so we can do it again. He is such a ham.

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