1. When I have a doctor appointment I purposely wear something light so I will weigh less.
  2. This means I also make appointments for 8am when I weigh less
  3. I don’t like drinking water
  4. This means I only drink it out of a plastic water bottle or a plastic cup
  5. This means at Thanksgiving when everyone at my table is drinking out of my gorgeous glasses, I’ll be using my plastic Giants beer cup from a Giants game…I know I’m sexy
  6. I’m still laughing that Christy called me graceful on one of her comments
  7. I miss cheer leading
  8. I don’t miss the two worst cheer coaches ever on the planet
  9. In high school our first cheer leading coach had to quit because her mom was our school book keeper and smuggled money from the school (oops)
  10. I really love mayonnaise
  11. I wish I was southern like Paula Dean and said all instead of oil
  12. One of my all time favorite movies is My father the Hero
  13. I have a dirty mind, I just checked my comments and Swistle wants to use her magic fairy wand on me, I’m the only person who can giggle when she says wand…he he wand
  14. I love Mushu
  15. I purposely don’t finish my mushu so I can eat it for breakfast
  16. I don’t know how to spell mushu
  17. I also can’t spell definietly, definitly, definitely aha
  18. Pizza is always better the next morning
  19. Breastfeeding gave me pancake boobs
  20. I am on a forever mission to achieve a hair color that I can not have (kind of like Rachael Rays)
  21. I really really hate skinny people who complain about thighs and love handles
  22. Blue cheese mortifies me
  23. My husband pointed out last night we’ve been together almost 6 years
  25. I may have farted in class one day while I sneezed and blamed the guy in front of me
  26. I may have also farted one time because Jeremy Granata made me laugh so hard
  27. There was also the time my cousin was popping my back and pushed down and I farted on her
  28. I should never never have admitted that I’ve farted before
  29. I have never farted in front of my husband
  30. I can’t stop buying expensive purses
  31. I hate to carry a purse
  32. I own a lot of expensive MAC makeup
  33. I don’t wear makeup EVER
  34. I really need a hair cut
  35. I’m always freezing
  36. This means my husband is always mad in the summer when I turn the fan off at night
  37. I don’t like dogs I think they are dirty
  38. I’m starting to feel that way about cats
  39. I believed my dad for years when he said he had a dog named deeogee, till I realized he meant DOG.
  40. I am not good at taking naps I’d rather just get up
  41. I always want new dishes in my kitchen, even when I just bought new dishes
  42. It really makes me crazy Victorias Secret doesn’t sell pretty bras in jumbo wumbo size
  43. I really love Hell’s Kitchen
  44. I only use crushed ice
  45. I’m on a mission to find Fragglerock on DVD
  46. I hate laundry HATE
  47. I am always very amused when I pee after I eat asparagus
  48. My husband is not so amused
  49. I just realized I must drive to Marie Calanders and buy a whole pie
  50. The pie is just for me, back off
  51. I can drink off the same cup of cold coffee all day long
  52. I won’t eat left overs that have milk ever because I won’t reheat milk
  53. I have been pulled over in the same spot for doing the same thing twice thirteen days apart…I received two identical tickets for this
  54. I like to poke my belly button and see whats in it
  55. I like to play online card games
  56. I can not beat my husband at Scrabble
  57. This is my third day of trying to find 100 interesting things about me, I’m sooooo over this list
  58. I often wake up dreaming of sandwiches for breakfast
  59. Likewise I spend a lot of time dreaming about mayonnaise
  60. My pregnancy sex dreams..whoah, they are to naughty for even this site
  61. I am not allowed to play Scatagories at parties anymore
  62. Apparently I yell a little when I think your wrong
  63. I am still trying to convince my husband that Ingles is not a high school class that starts with an I
  64. If you agree with my husband you are a dumbass too!
  65. I had no idea Lids were lingo for hats..huh?
  66. I love strawberry Charleston Chews, no one sells them though
  67. If you have a strawberry Charleston Chew please go ahead and mail it to me
  68. Snickers Ice cream bars are the WORLDS BEST ICE CREAM EVER
  69. I can’t eat them because my son is allergic to peanuts
  70. I can’t resist donuts with pink icing on them even if its lunch I will buy it
  71. I still don’t know what flavor pink icing is….I just like it because its pink….mmmm pink is good
  72. When I was little, like 8th grade, I thought the green M&Ms tasted better
  73. I looooove those little Sixlets, they are now classified as nostalgic so I can never ever find them
  74. I also love Berry Berry Kix and I guess those were discontinued
  75. Doesn’t matter anyway because I refuse to eat cereal now
  76. Cereal is one of my biggest cravings while I’ve been pregnant
  77. I like to pop my hips, I do this by standing on one leg and bending forward, it looks and sounds a lot like I’m farting
  78. In fact, I crack my knuckles and toes…VERY OFTEN
  79. I think Rob & Big might be one of the most funny shows ever made
  80. It drives me nuts that Oprah says Ya so often..ya ya ya ya uggggggggg doesn’t she pay people to tell her she says Ya to much?
  81. I can play Monopoly for hours on end, accept when I play with my husband…Some people think he and I are a little competitive or something
  82. I have a bad habit of saying Yes when I’m excited…But you know I do it while making a fist with my hand and pumping my fist down toward my side (similar to doing the choo choo sign but lower) while almost hissing Yessss
  83. I do that in public, like when the waiter tells me I can have my favorite desert
  84. I plan what I’m having for desert before I figure out my dinner
  85. My husband says my eyes light up like the day my son was born when desert arrives in front of me
  86. I consider French Fries to be a perfectly healthy vegetable for me
  87. I am now contemplating driving to the Hilton’s nostalgic candy store for some Sixlets
  88. I can eat salt water taffy as a meal and then have more for desert
  89. I wonder if my husband will drive me there now
  90. I love the smell of tuna salad but I hate TUNA
  91. I hate that clam chowder is always served on a certain day of the week, leaving vegetarians like me to wish I had some soup since restaurants don’t serve a vegetarian soup
  92. When I was little my cousin and I used to dress up like “grown ups” and take clip boards to department stores and pretend we were grading them on their organizational skills and service
  93. I also used to dress up and go to the store with my bra stuffed to the size of EEEEE
  94. I believe there is a pretty obvious reason why I didn’t have a daughter
  95. I used to nurse my cabbage patch (I’m not sure if I already listed that?)
  96. I am really grossed out by people who blow their nose in the shower
  97. I used to collect rocks when I was little
  98. My favorite was the rock that looked like a steak
  99. My parents used to get me my own adjoining hotel room and bring my sheets and phone so I felt extra special
  100. I think they did this just so they could have sex with each other!

9 thoughts on “100

  1. You can get Fraggle Rock on Amazon.com…I researched that for you…sixlets are the absolute best ever and ingles is not a high school subject that starts with I in this country…wait do they take English in Mexico or do they just use Spanish class as their equivalent to our English class??


  2. 13. You ARE dirty! Wand wand wand.20. I\’m always trying to get a cool light blonde color. No luck so far, but I\’ve only been trying for ten years.21. I hate it when they complain that it\’s HARD to have to keep their weight up.41. I\’ve started buying, like, two of this and two of that, so I can have a bunch of kinds. Does this help? No, I always want more kinds.45. I saw Fragglerock DVDs at Target last weekend. I didn\’t look carefully at them, though.


  3. I love Strawberry charleston chews too, the only place I ever see them now adays is at the 7-11 by your parents house! They kick ass.Don\’t forget that you call people mean names when they beat you at card games (or any game for that matter).You know what I should be doing right now…yup, working but instead I am reading your list of 100 things. Super productive.


  4. \”It really makes me crazy Victorias Secret doesn\’t sell pretty bras in jumbo wumbo sizeI am always very amused when I pee after I eat asparagus\”OH MY GOD, ME TOO!!….now i\’ll always thinkg of youwhen I eat asparagus…


  5. I\’ve seen Fraggle Rock at Wal-Mart and F.Y.E. I might buy it, too, cuz I loved that show when I was little.You\’ll have to reread this when you\’re NOT pregnant and see if it\’s still accurate.You\’re hilarious!


  6. I realized that you and I have alot in common when I walked into your house and our colors are the same. Red and teal and brownishtan colors. Then I saw that we had the same computer. Someone told me once in HS that the reason you and I never hung out was because we were too much alike. I think that I believe them now bc in reading your list I have found many more things we have in common. Thanks for keeping it real.


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