I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but I’m pregnant, and I just puked so if I want to talk about it again I’m going to, and your going to like it.

At night, when Rob and I sleep we sleep back to back. This isn’t because we hate each other, its because during pregnancy I sleep on my left side or it hurts way bad for some reason any other way. Since I sleep on the right side this means my back faces Rob. So, when Brandon wakes up at night, or in the morning and comes in, he cant just walk right up to me since my back will face him. We have a hope chest at the end of our bed, next to the chest is a little step stool. So Brandon steps on the stool, onto the chest and ends up smack in the middle of Rob and I.

Here is my favorite part. No matter what he always choses to come to me. What he does is even cuter. He just walks right up to me, bends over my shoulder to my face, gets right in my face and says HI MOM! Then he moves away to let me roll over. If I don’t roll over fast enough he pops his head back over and gives me a big ole kis and says MOOOOOOOOM. It is so sweet when he does that. It is like a guarantee that every day I wake up and forget anything else from the prior day. I love it so much. I think it is extra special since he only comes to me. This is another one of those things I talked about, you know, having a son. Because I have a little boy I have these special moments with him. Moments that Rob is never going to have. The moments that keep me going. The moments that keep me from getting mad the he is waking me up at 2AM, moments that keep me from getting angry when he dumps purple Kool Aid on my carpet.

It makes me afraid, for the day these things end. The day he wakes up and just plays in his room rather then coming to find mama. Or the day he is taller then me, or the day he doesn’t want me to kiss it and make it better. So I soak up every second of it. I drink it in, like it is the last drink of water I’ll ever have. That way when the day comes when mom becomes just another girl with cooties, I can lay in bed and remember the times when my son couldn’t start his day with out a kiss from his mommy.

5 thoughts on “Sweetness

  1. I try to soak in everything too. I have a horrible relationship with my mother, and I have big fears about my relationship with Porgie. I just want her to always love me.


  2. OMG I can\’t WAIT to have a boy! He is going to be a mama\’s boy! I am going to be like the mom from Waterboy! I can just see it now… LOL!


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