Clarification and then its done

Let me first start of saying, that it was never my intentions to come on here and bash Julia or gossip or shit talk. My intentions were to simply voice my thoughts and opinions. I realize…really I do, that woman worry about their pregnancies. However I also realize when every single post you write is based solely around one or two things it starts to get tiresome. I used to really enjoy reading her blogs, and at no point did I want to stop, I guess I was hoping she would have been adult enough to really read what I was saying.

Let me tell you something, a long time ago, I was at a pretty low point, it seemed most of my blogs were really starting to be a little negative and dreary. One day Jen emailed me (I kept the email) and basically said, “hey man whats up your blogs are a little down in the dumps lately!” You know what I did? I stopped and said, wow shes right, and if I want to keep readers maybe I should change the subject some, or lighten the tone. I did not move my blog to Myspace, set it to private and behave like a small child who just got her Barbie taken away.

The other thing you don’t know is I sent Julia a very nice e-mail explaining how I really felt and she chose to ignore it. Whatever. Like her friend said, Julia makes up her mind and thats that. Let me also tell you that I had no clue it was her birthday. It was also my cousins birthday and my dads birthday but did I remember NOOOO. Know why? Because I had been up since four and was having a mild carpet cleaning crisis.

Next everyone says Julia is lonely here and needs friends. WELL THEN maybe she shouldn’t have alienated us from the start. All she has done is complain about Reno, the traffic, the people, and so on. It really made me sad to hear that us here in Reno, along with our town wasn’t good enough for her. Why should I have kept trying when clearly nothing we did here would please her?

I am sorry she took the blog so deep to heart and she had to cry over it. That wasn’t my intentions. My intentions were to say hey, maybe you could write about something or anything else just once. Whatever. She has chosen now to shut you all out of her life and move her blog. I’m over it all. I made an effort and sent two apology letters which I DON’T DO. IF she wants to continue being upset thats fine by me.

3 thoughts on “Clarification and then its done

  1. You don\’t know me and I don\’t want to post my name because I see how you lash out. I don\’t need that wrath. I recently found your blog when I linked to it from another friend\’s blog.Seriously, you are SO out of line. I can\’t believe the stuff you\’re posting. I don\’t know you and I don\’t know Julia, but what right do you have to tell her what to/to not post? Everyone experiences pregnancy differently. If she\’s feeling worried, or sad, or whatever, it\’s her perogative to post about it because it\’s her blog. You post about poop and blood and other nasty things…and no one tells you not to. Why shouldn\’t she be allowed to post about her fears and worries during pregnancy? If I told you that your poop/blood blogs make me want to puke, you\’d tell me to fuck off and not read if I don\’t like it.She did the exact same thing to you.I am in no way trying to undermind what you\’re going through with your own pregnancy. But just because you\’re having a harder time than she is doesn\’t mean she isn\’t intitled to her own worry. You cannot control what she writes. You were not a friend to publically call her out and humiliate her because you were feeling bent out of shape that your pregnancy isn\’t going as well as hers.This is just food for thought. What you\’ve written about her is extremely hurtful, regardless of what you\’re going through. You didn\’t have the right. This most recent post is the worst yet…and is certainly not going to bring you back into her good graces. Not sure what your intention was posting this, but you only made it worse, in my opinion.I\’m bummed that I won\’t be able to read about the rest of her pregnancy now.Think about how your words affect others. You blasting your opinions to the entire internet, in many cases, is completely inappropriate. Think of how YOU would react had somone done that to you! You would be livid. I feel really badly for her, and don\’t blame her for being upset with you.Be well.


  2. Umm Hi, Hello, Anonymous? Freedom of Speech? Heard of it? It\’s a right. Sometimes it has consequences- and gob only knows that often those consequences are sooo not what we expected, but hey, it\’s part of life.


  3. Hey, I am new to your blog. I came over from your comment in Swistle\’s blog.I just read most of the previous post\’s to get a sense of what happened.Here are my thoughts(feel free to tell me to fuck off, I\’m a big ol\’ bitch too!)I fail to see how you were \”lashing out\” or were \”out of line\”. I didn\’t read her side of it, but Jesus. If someone is freaking out over a perfectly normal pregnancy that would have irritated the hell out of me, too. Especially if I were in your shoes.And if anonymous is that horrified by your blog, then she/he should just STOP FUCKING READING IT,ALREADY!I have enjoyed it and will be adding it to my blogroll.Sounds to me like some people need to pull their panties up!


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