Paying the price

I went for a hair cut today. It turned out fabulous. Know why, because after tip the hair cut cost me $55.00 and honestly I thought that was cheap. There are a few things that I am never cheap on. When I was little (little meaning 20) I bought the most expensive EVERYTHING! Always! No matter what it was I would only purchase name brand and only the highest price. Then I came to my senses and started becoming very picky about what I was and was not cheap on. So here it is, the list of things I will never never go cheap on. Of course there are the obvious things, toilet paper, paper towels, tooth paste, tooth brush and so on but here are the not so obvious!

  • HAIR! I go to Genisis here in Reno. They have different level hair stylists there. Begining, intermediate and expert. You pay a lot for expert. I will accept nothing less. However, because of this, I have never left my two expert stylists dis-satisfied. In fact every time I leave with a cut and color that makes me feel like I dropped 20 lbs and morphed into Angelina Jolie!
  • Purses. I generally only purchase Coach. There has been one Dooney and Bourke and to be honest the price of it was so low I never really liked it enough based on that. For me, purses, when picked right are something that can last your whole life time and even be handed down. Because of this I only buy good quality purses!
  • Cars. Yeah I only buy expensive cars that are well built out of extra sturdy metal and that have all the gizmos. A few reasons. One I need to feel awesome when I drive my car, this way no matter how shitty I look, I look shitty in my fabulous car. Next, I’m very big on safety. You will never ever see me toting my kids around in a car (unless maybe when they are older possibly a BMW is the only car I would accept). My children are my life and to me, to carry them around in some beater car that will combust upon impact makes zero sense to me.
  • My son! I tried to do that whole I can shop at Walmart for my sons clothes thing and really, aside from socks I CAN NOT SHOP AT WALMART FOR HIM! In fact unless its Babies R Us or Baby Gap, that shit ain’t touching my boy. The biggest reason is this, if I wouldn’t wear it why should he? When I shop for myself, as I’m sure you do, I always check the fabric, I only buy soft stuff that seems sturdy and comfy. Why on earth would I then walk around in a nice soft shirt while making my son wear some scratchy WalMart shirt Hmmmmm? Also the stuff at Baby Gap is made so well and their pants are so functional. My son is tall and super skinny. I love how all the Gap pants have adjustable waists so he can wear the right length AND waist! Imagine that!
  • Computers. I only use Mac..nuff said!
  • Cell Phones. Yeah I need to be able to do it all and more.
  • Kitchen stuff. Knives only Wusthof…I mean really why settle for less. Pans Al Clad only. Dutch ovens Le Creuset only. Mixers only the Kitchenaid limited edition color one. Basically in my kitchen only the best will do!
  • Food! Everything in my fridge is brand name, and meat has to be high quality.
  • Art! No cheap ass scrap booking stuff here, I need stuff that lasts for years!
  • Finally, books! I want books that will last and not fall apart or yellow!
  • Edited to add (because Jen reminded me) Seriously people the 600 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets…preferably Hotel Collection Brand!

Oh wait..My husband…but that is only because he has expensive taste and won’t let me be cheap on any of his stuff!

So, what things are you never cheap on? What stuff do you just have to spend your hard earned pennies on and why?

7 thoughts on “Paying the price

  1. I refuse to buy cheap toilet paper. No recycled one ply stuff here…only two ply touches my tush! I also refuse to go cheap on laundry detergent. Only Tide in this house…no $2.99 stuff!! I know there is something else and when I think of it…I will let you know!


  2. Hmm… Let\’s see. I used to ONLY go to my hairstylist MARIE at Genesis, but then I moved to Portland and all of the expensive places make my hair look like SHIT! Hmm… I don\’t skimp on sheets. They must be 600 thread count Egyptian Cotton. Everything else feels like sandpaper.Oh what else? I know there is more but I am pretty good about bargain shopping. Dammit! And here I thought I was some big snob or something!


  3. Holy Crap! I\’m cheap on everything. My home and my life would be your LIVING HELL!!!But we can still be friends, right?


  4. Me? I don\’t skimp, but I don\’t over pay. As an ex-hairstylist (I keep my license but my health keeps me from doing it) I saw the \”inside\” of the business, and paying the most isn\’t always getting the best. My hairstylist is $25 and she is the BEST. Before that I had a great stylist at BoRics. She was married with kids, had left the \”salon\” atmosphere and was slinging hair for money at night. Best cut I have ever gotten. I don\’t shop at Walmart because of the way they treat their employees and the fact that they are killing small stores in this country…plus they are wayyyy too crowded. I make my own skin care products (another plus to being a licensed cosmetologist), and do a good deal of my grocery shopping at Aldi. But, I do go to the local butcher for the freshest of meats. It\’s worth the money and he notches the ribs for you. There really isn\’t anything in my life that paying more for would make better, I guess…well, besides the meat thing.


  5. You should e-mail me so I have your address. Then we don\’t have to go back and forth having some crazy conversation via blog comments. Sound good? Ok. britt@fluentbrittish.comI\’ll be waiting (and then I can tell you about all of the cheap, crappy clothes I bought from KMart today! Weeeeeee!)


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