Webster ain’t got shit on me

I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT TO POST ABOUT THIS! Last Friday my husbands friend from work came over. Some how we got to talking about how Rob and his other work friend used the word swamp butt. Chicky (the friend with an odd nick name) laughed at me and said, “WOW you’ve never heard the word swamp butt or swamp ass before?” I was like uhhh NOOOOOO sorry girls don’t generally talk about that, you know being busy talking about boys and makeup and gossip and all!

So then he says……

“So I’m assuming you’ve never heard of cheddar before huh?’

Chedder, huh whu, who where.

I proudly say, “umm YEAH (imagine in a snotty tone sort of pronounced yay ya) I eat cheese all the time duh.”

He’s like, “uh no, you know chedder, the sweaty filmy stuff guys get on their balls.”

Insert blank stare here

Insert embarrassed omg did this guy just say that to me face here.

Finally I mumble out a , “uhh no I’m sorry I wasn’t aware of that.”

This then leads to an entire conversation with three guys and one girl about sweaty man balls, salty balls, and man cheese. Even odder was the fact this new friend Chicky thought I was so terrific because I was willing to sit around and talk ball sweat with him.

No I’m contemplating sending Webster’s a memo that they need to go ahead and add swamp ass and chedder to the dictionary so that woman around the world aren’t so clueless!

8 thoughts on “Webster ain’t got shit on me

  1. LMAO! I never heard that either! So of course now I can no longer have that particular type of cheese. LOL!


  2. That really is so gross and I couldn\’t believe when you told me that story the other day that you hadn\’t blogged about it yet. You know, you could start a whole new series of \”Bringing my husband\’s friends down with me\” blogs. Maybe not because then you might be tempted to start a series of \’Bringing my friends down with me\’ blogs.


  3. Being a guy I have heard of this phenomena, in my group of friends it is referred to as \”frumunda cheese\”, as in from-under-your-balls. However I\’ve yet to witness cheese invading my nether regions, and I have been keeping a daily vigil since my early teens. I used to think this was a good thing, but the more I hear of it I start to wonder if I am abnormal? Isn\’t abnormal bad? Ah screw it, just more proof I\’m not a typical guy. I just hope that\’s a good thing. šŸ™‚


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