It’s moments like this that totally make up for last night.

So we are at work. Mom and I are talking and she walks into the other room for something. Suddenly she notices the dog chewing on a poopy diaper that is neatly wrapped up and put into the basket on Brandon’s Tricycle. She starts to wonder if she forgot to throw away a diaper yesterday or something. She walks into my office and looks at Brandon. He is fully clothed. We think for a minute and then say, “Brandon, did you poop?” He gets the hugest grin drops his pants and sure enough he is naked under his shorts. The little stinker pooped, took off his diaper, rolled it up, put it away, put his pants back on and went on like nothing was wrong. When she went in to clean him up he was covered in poop and his shorts were CAKED in poop!

Funniest thing we have seen in a long time. Brandon is doing great at potty training and wakes up most mornings with a dry diaper and then asks to go potty. However we are still working on getting him to poop in the potty. However, apparently he is starting to learn that the poopy diaper needs to come off.

However, now the dog is sad that we took away his baby poop snack!

4 thoughts on “It’s moments like this that totally make up for last night.

  1. What a smart little boy! Kids are strange about potty training. My cousin\’s little boy used to pee in their heating vents. Everytime they would turn the furance on, it would smell like urine. I\’d say you got lucky.


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