My doctors appointment

First of all let me start by saying that Codi now has a birth date. Codi Daniel will be born November 16th 2007 if all goes right and the OR is available that day! I know that it is 9 days early but the doctor assured me that the baby will be big enough plus we will do an ultrasound to double check. What he also said is that he would rather do it early because if I contract at all then I can hemorrhage or have other very serious problems from the bleeding and clotting early in the pregnancy.

Also I have an ultrasound scheduled for October 1st to see how Codi is growing and to make sure the blood isn’t getting in his way! I gained too much weight for the doctors liking so to celebrate I ate some delicious chocolate. There isn’t much I can do about my weight since I’ve only been allowed to walk as exercise for a month now, and lets be realistic, who is going to go walking when its 4000 degrees outside HMMMMMMMM! I have been eating pretty well and since I had just lost 30 lbs before getting pregnant I’m not even worried about losing weight again now that I know mentally I can do it!

Other then that Codi’s heart was great. My blood pressure is still totally below what it should be so clearly that isn’t a worry. I waddled over and pre-registered for the delivery and in a week I go take my glucose test.

All in all it was a good appointment. I go back in two weeks. 81 more days people 81 holy shit!

9 thoughts on “My doctors appointment

  1. Uh! Now I am REALLY JEALOUS!! That is so awesome that you already know the birthdate! Well.. I guess you are having a Scorpio! I hope my baby stays in long enough to be a Saggitarius. : )


  2. i am just a lurker but i have to say this. dont you think your son will get made fun of for the way his name is spelled? codi with an i is sort of feminine. just food for thought.


  3. 81 sounds like a long time because it\’s a big number but at the same time holy shit 81 days!!!! Sounds like the little guy is doing just great in there and growing too! Glad you are doing well and he is too!


  4. Just curious, did you have a section previously? I too faced the issues you have with this pregnancy (bedrest from 5wks-35wks for an abruption, bleeds, premature labor, including hospital stays), with my second pregnancy as well. I was able to birth vaginally without complications (unless you count my water breaking 5 weeks early). I\’m just very curious about the true need of a section over convience, especially if you\’ve never had one. My first 4 were vaginal, my last, a section. What a world of difference in the recovery!! In any event, I wish you a blessed birth of your precious Codi. (and I like it both with the i and the y). Just be sure you have a great deal of help for at minimum the first week or two if this is your first section. Especially with a toddler at home already!! 🙂 -Becky


  5. Becky- The implication of your question is that Shannon needs to justify her c-section to you. Your question is rude, and the way you phrased it is rude, and the entire matter is between Shannon and her medical professional, not between Shannon and some stranger who\’s claiming to be \”just curious\” while clearly pushing an agenda–complete with scare tactics.You\’re going to have to satisfy your curiosity by understanding that it is absolutely inappropriate for you to question another woman\’s decision as if she\’s unable to make it without your interference and \”education.\”Perhaps if you were to show Shannon the solid gold medal you get when you birth vaginally, THAT would change her mind.


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