What’s in a name part two

So a few weeks ago we announced the babies name. His name will be Codi. The first thing my grandma did was write and say that names ending with an “I” are girly. I wasn’t sure how she figured this but okay whatever. I told her I really didn’t care, that names were getting so weird anymore that it wouldn’t matter. Then an anonymous blogger leaves a comment saying the same thing. Now! I’m not changing the name, because like I said one of my kids is going to have an “i” in their name if it kills me. However, I just want an opinion on this, do people really think certain names are feminine or masculine based on the last letter of the name? This is sooo odd to me if it is true because really who made up these rules? Anyway I want your opinions. Is Codi really that girly? This is totally a curiosity thing like I said I won’t change the name just curious.

12 thoughts on “What’s in a name part two

  1. Are you asking us honestly? Ok, here goes. I think I might have to agree. I love the name Cody – think it is awesome on a baby, a little boy, and a man. I think the i makes it a little more feminine, but not terrible or enough to say change it! 🙂 I know a guy named Ayden – spells it with a y – and I think it\’s spelled a bit more feminine than, say, Aidan. Just my opinion but it is YOUR baby boy and he is going to be precious and you can spell your son\’s name however you want!! 🙂


  2. LOL!! I totally laughed when I read this because I have thought all along that Codi with an I is TOTALLY girly but I didn\’t want to tell you because you liked the name so much- and DUH it\’s your kid so you can spell his name however you want and however it makes you happy- but I think that an \”i\” on the end of a name makes it appear more feminine like it would with a name like \”Ricki\” or \”Toni\” or I dunno… \”Jessi\”… ANywhoo that is my two cents for the day!


  3. I always thought that Codi with an \”i\” was more feminine. Like jeninacide said, it is like when girls are named Toni or Dani. I don\’t think all last letters have a masculine or feminine nature but in this case the i does appear more feminine. However, like you said, names are all different now a days so it still works! I don\’t think it matters which way you spell things anymore. My name has about 30 different spellings but they all still mean Kristen.


  4. Oooh, I love baby name talk!I do think of the i ending as a good way to make a masculine name feminine: Joni, Toni, Randi, Andi, Bobbi, etc. I think it\’s the \”dot with a heart\” potential that helps it look more girlish.But just because I\’d use the i ending to feminize a masculine name, doesn\’t mean that it works backwards and that all i endings are feminine. There\’s Levi. And Eli. And Kai and Dmitri.


  5. I guess I never really thought of it as feminine or masculine, I thought of it as unique or common. Cody is the common way of spelling it and Codi is a unique way of spelling it. I can see from everyone\’s examples how it could be perceived as feminie but like swistle said there are other boy names that end in i and no one thinks those are feminine. For me it was common spelling versus unique spelling


  6. Yeah, sorry, Codi with an I seems girly. I love the name, but I have to agree with the majority, that y seems more boyish. But maybe that\’s because I\’ve only ever seen it spelled that way.On another note, take it from someone who could NEVER find their name spelled right, He\’ll probably never be able to buy a key chain, or shot glass or mini license plate holder with his name spelled right. and on a COMPLETELY different note, love the new blog layout!


  7. I knew this blog post was coming when I saw anonymous post yesterday :)I liked the name Codi for a boy. I think the unique spelling makes it different. Names are all over the place now a days so I don\’t think it more feminine or masculine. The only drawback I see is that people may tend to spell it \”Cody\” and he\’ll have to correct them. My name on my birth certificate is Patty, NOT Patricia. So every school or company that send me documents has changed my name to Patricia and I ALWAYS correct them because DUH that\’s not my name. So that\’s always been a pain in the butt.I can\’t recall, did you have Brandon\’s name picked out ahead of time or did you decide when you first saw him? A few of my friends had a name in mind and then changed it when they saw their baby. Just curiuos.


  8. Angie: see thats what I was going for, unique!!Patty: Brandons name was picked out very early on while I was reading a book about Tommy Lee and saw that was his sons name…it just clicked.I\’m a firm believer in finding out the sex of the baby while your pregnant so you can get to know this persons personality and give them a proper name. Thats why I knew from how Brandon behaved inside of me that his name was perfect. It is also how I knew Codi was the perfect name for this little one…its a good name, doesn\’t sound tooo misbehaved but still got a little bad in him, and semi quite! Yes I can tell all this from knowing it\’s a boy and just paying attnetion to his habits inside of me!


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