Don’t worry I get it

Brandon and I are sharing a drumstick ice cream right now. The last piece of the extra yummy chocolate coating fell onto my leg. Brandon says I GET IT MOM. He picks it up shoves it in his mouth faster then I can say “give me back my chocolate” grins and says I get it huh! Geeeee thanks for sharing son.

2 thoughts on “Don’t worry I get it

  1. you asked about the google history stuff….well, I have sitemeter on my blog. I think you can just go to to sign up. Anyway, once set up, it keeps statistics about how many hits you get a day, and when you click on \”referral\” it tells you where people get referred from to see your blog. If they searched for something on google, and your blog comes up, then it shows you. It\’s really funny to see!:)


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