Behold my nasty stained carpets before

Ewwww vomit stains

Seriously who puts cream color carpet in a house???? Assholes!

Ohhh barf linoleum..this shit just screams germs to me


yay no more puke carpet!!

Adios germs!



Yay look at my sexy floors

Ahhhhhhh germ free!!!!! The only thing that could make it better would be to have some accenting granite counters (coming soon) and possible all new stainless steel appliances!!

Beatiful floors….fucking tile counters. ick eww ick ptooey!

OMG no more carpet in my dining room. This means no more macaroni and chocolate milk stained floors. I think I just had an orgasm thinking about the greatness of it.

Living room now!

11 thoughts on “FLOORS!!!

  1. Hey, you get out of my house right now. This is my floor.The flooring looks great. Ours is a bit lighter in color but I wish it was dark and warm like yours. It looks so much more comfortable.


  2. That look great, we had all ours done a few years ago was best move weve ever made with our house! I had cream carpets and i chose them – yes bloody stupid move there!


  3. you and i are so different.i have hardwoods throughout (except kitchen & bathrooms). i want carpeted floors so bad. i am so tired of sweeeeeeeeeeeeping….but the new floors in your pictures look really nice!


  4. The floors look great! I think I actually like it better than the carpet…something about it just makes it look even homeier – if that\’s a word haha


  5. I love your floors and I agree 100%, they are SOOOOOOO much easier to clean than carpets. I HATE carpet, as soon as I bought my apartment I ripped out the carpet in the bedroom and put in hardwood floors. Twp blissful years later I still love my floors.


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