Drip drop drip drop (aka tmi)

I’m wondering how many holes one person can leak out of at any given time…Here is a look at my weekend.

  • I’m leaking from down there, you know the joys of pregnancy. Every time it happens I think I’m either bleeding again or peeing on myself. Really really fun people.
  • I’m leaking out of my nose. I went to bed last night with a tissue shoved so far up my nose I think some of it is still there this morning.
  • I drool. So this means in addition to my nose tissue I went to bed with a tissue tucked under my mouth to catch the insane amounts of drool that leak from my mouth. This amount triples while I’m pregnant. Thanks for that one God.
  • I’m leaking out my boobs. This isn’t happening near as often as it did with Brandon (which is just stressing me right out) but that could be because I’ve had far less sex dreams this time around, and far more, what the fuck was that dream about.

So lets recap. I’m now leaking out of basically every hole in my body but my ears and my ass. And really, if I start leaking out of my ass, well, I think that might just be the end for me. Just lock me in a closet and leave me there till the baby comes. I’m damn sexy here ladies!

6 thoughts on “Drip drop drip drop (aka tmi)

  1. Hehe yes you are not exactly advertising pregnancy here though I was LMAO so hard once again. Sorry you have to go through this but I love the way you are not sugarcoating the whole thing!


  2. I thought to myself a few minutes ago \”Hey, it\’s quiet at work, I\’ll take a minute and read up on Shannon\’s blog.\” (Instead of you know, catching up on the piles of paper on my desk). And then you post something like this…that was WTMI (Way too much info.)


  3. OMG!! I had to buy breast-pad thingies this weekend because of my leaky boobs! UGh! Heh, although I could probably cut down on the leakage if Erick and I cut down on the, um, lovin. As that seems to be a main culprit! Hee!


  4. I wouldn\’t worry about the leaking breasts. I never leaked when I was pregnant with Porgie, and I haven\’t leaked at all with this pregnancy.I have been drooling a lot too. I actually have to turn my pillow over in the middle of the night because it is soaking wet.


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