The top 5 things I am not looking forward to about my C- Section

  1. That bitch nurse bicking my girl parts with a dry fucking disposable razor (skank slut whore). She will do this even if I bick it myself.
  2. The skank whore who will try 5 times to insert an IV into my arms and then tape it down in a manner that scrunches the needle so far in my arm making the IV become the most painful part of the day.
  3. The catheter. I don’t like catheters! Last time I convinced the lady not to catheter me until after my epidural and my doctor about killed that lady.
  4. That shot of acid reflux medicine they give you. It taste like whiskey and nyquil mixed together.
  5. When the lady has to come in and change my towel before I’m allowed to get up and potty myself. (I think this happens even when you don’t have a section).

Don’t get me wrong. I looove having sections. It’s just the above five things that I could do with out!

5 thoughts on “The top 5 things I am not looking forward to about my C- Section

  1. I got an epidural before a catheter, so…IF I got a catheter, I don\’t remember it going in or coming out.I didn\’t get any acid reflux medicine.The IV was the worst part of the day b/c my first one infiltrated & my arm was all swollen like a watermelon was in there!


  2. No one shaved me either but was a emergency one so may have escaped that pleasure. I hated been sent to the shower 2days after to soak off my dressings i was so scared that i came back with it on and made nurse remove it. Cant remember that much i was on so many drug, had a general anastetic.


  3. I just had my 5th c/s almost 8 months ago, and for the first time they did NOT shave me! Yes, the IV and cath are the worst. But that babe is worth it! 🙂


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