This is not how you rest young man

Brandon you are sick please lay down and rest.

That is not what I had in mind!!!

He’s so sick he’s already lost a whole pound ugggg.

And we won’t even talk about the green carpet in his room right now! The carpet he colored with washable markers. Did you know that if you color carpet with washable market it just smears all over the carpet making it worse when you try and wash it.

Lemme clarify while washable markers do come off, me and my big pregnant body don’t have the energy to scrub the carpet right now. Soooo i took a few baby wipes and tried that. It didn’t work. So I gave up!

5 thoughts on “This is not how you rest young man

  1. OMG Brandon lost a pound already? That sounds bad. How\’s he coping with the coughing and all the side effects? I feel so sorry for the little guy.


  2. ps: there is some kind turbo cleaner from walmart in the automotive section called tuff stuff. it works great! hope your little is feeling better and that you get some rest too…even though you don\’t rest.


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