A parenting first

I took my son to the park today. We were having a great time. He was slowly making his way up the difficult stairs and climbing things to get to the big winding slide. He got to go down a few times and then suddenly about 7 little mean ass rug rats showed up. You know those kids, the ones that show up with no parents and no manners and you can tell from a mile away you are going to want to throw them down the slide.

So this one particular little rat starts climbing backwards up the slide. Which I realize is fine and normal. However when she is about 6 and my little 2 year old is trying to get down the slide IT IS FUCKING RUDE. So I nicely ask her to please stop climbing up the slide so other kids can come down. NOPE. Instead she kept doing it and then jumping over kids while they were coming down. This means my little guy was coming down and she was shoving past him and knocking him down. I asked her again to please stop because it wasn’t nice. She told me no. It became clear that what she was trying to do was hog the slide. If she didn’t get off the slide to use the stairs then no one else could use it. I was getting pissed and finally I told her if she didn’t stop I would go find her mom. She replied, “go ahead but you don’t know what she looks like!” I could have freaking killed her right then. I gave up and took Brandon to the smaller slide. She followed and proceeded to lay all the way across the top of the slide so no one at all could get up or down. I was fucking pissed. Suddenly one of her little hooligan friends shoved Brandon and the next thing I knew he had an owwy on his head and was crying. I finally just took him and left before I fucked up that little girls mom! I just don’t understand how some little kids can be raised so poorly to ignore what people older then them said. It is just wrong. How should I have handled that situation? Should I have found the mom, left earlier or just thrown the girl of the top of the play structure?

Edited to add: I should also add that this park was at the softball field where my husband was playing in a tournament. There were literally hundreds of people around all who could have been this child’s parent. However I was THE ONLY parent who was actually watching their child at the park. This means that actually locating the childs mom would have been near impossible!

11 thoughts on “A parenting first

  1. omg …I can\’t believe the behavior of some kids these days, they have no respect for anyone. You did the right thing, I don\’t think I could have lasted so long though …brats like that really bug me!


  2. That girl\’s parent/sitter should totally have been stepping in. Which means I would have looked for a grown-up who wasn\’t looking. Then I would have said with a very concerned expression, \”Excuse me, are any of you with that little girl over there?\” If anyone said yes, I would say, \”I\’m afraid she\’s pushing some of the little kids on the slide. A little boy got hurt and his mom was really upset.\” I wouldn\’t say it was my little boy.


  3. I would have been PISSED!! I cannot believe some little shit hurt your little boy and didn\’t even apologize! I would have yanked that kid off the slide so fast her head would still be spinning. OK, maybe not. I probably would have done just what you did. I am so glad I don\’t have to deal with stuff like that yet. It makes me so mad that her mother didn\’t teach her better manners and wasn\’t there to keep that child in line.


  4. This shit pisses me off bug time, we have the same at soft play and tbh i dont know how to handle them. I am not patient at the best of times, so rude kids make me rude and i have to wind my self back in! Parent who just ignore their kids wind me up even more, i struggle to keep my hands off them! I really dont wnat to stoop to that level!


  5. I can\’t say if this is right or not, but I think I\’d have completely ignored her. The only reason she was doing it was because she wanted the attention – something she clearly isn\’t getting at home. I would have moved from swing to slide to swing again, all in an effort to not let her engage me.The right answer is that we should probably invite those kinds of kids to play with our child, and show them kindness instead of getting pissed. However, I\’m not that big a person, so you can forget me doing that.


  6. How RUDE. Why do you have to get a license to drive a car but every eejit can raise a child??? Some parents should have to sit in class before being allowed to have kids.You should\’ve just pushed that little rug rat off the slide when nobody was watching 🙂


  7. I think you handled it the only way you could. It is amazing to me how many parents there are out there that don\’t supervise their children. They expect other parents to do it? Or they just don\’t care? Either way, I feel sorry for the kids. That girl was fishing for attention, and by leaving you didn\’t give it to her.http://3boysundermyroof.blogspot.com


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