bad bad naughty blogger

I feel awful. I am always complaining when people don’t blog every day and now look what I’ve done. I went a whole damn day and didn’t blog and, well, I just feel like an asshole. I’m sorry. Please accept these pictures as a peace offering.


TaDa my brand new white Yukon. Isn’t it sexy.

I feel like the worlds biggest super most awesome Softball mom (yeah sorry not going to use soccer anymore)! I can’t even believe how much of a giant I feel like. I always thought I would only have one kid. So I bought a three bedroom house with enough room for one kid and a guest room. I bought a small SUV because I was only going to have one car seat. Then one day I woke up and realized that I was going to have two kids and I was going to need two car seats and two baby rooms. Since the market is shit and I can’t sell my house I figured hey why not buy a new car weeeeeeeeeeee!

Anyway even though way back in high school I used to drive a HUGE HUGE lifted 2 door Tahoe I’ve now spent so much time in mid size cars an SUV’s that I feel like a monster in my new Yukon. I feel exactly like that Simpsons episode where Marge gets a new SUV and turns into a giant case of road rage because she was so big.

The new Shannon

3 thoughts on “bad bad naughty blogger

  1. i felt the same way when i got my yukon, like the world better watch out, bc i could switch it over to 4×4 nd run them over. even when i had 1 kid, i could totally pack the back of my suv almost all the way full! congrats on the new car!


  2. You should also go in that car and sing the Canyanero song from the Simpsons Canyanero ad: \”She blinds everyone with her super high beams, she\’s a squirrel-crushing, deer-bashing driving machine – Canyanero!\”


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